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North Lanark Community Health Centre

a part of Lanark Renfrew Health & Community Services
The North Lanark Community Health as seen from the road
North Lanark Community Health Centre
Located in the village of Lanark
Every One Matters, a fall display for the 20th birthday celebration
Everyone Matters
Outdoor Display From the NLCHC 20th Birthday Celebration.
 The main entrance decorated with ballons and streamers during the 20th Birthday celebration
North Lanark Community Health Centre
Front Entrance During the 20th Birthday Celebration.

Our Office hours have Temprorarily Changed

The office hours will be 8:00 am to 5:00 PM until further notice.

Urgent Care Changes Effective Immediately

There will be a change to the Urgent Care Clinic at the North Lanark Community Health Centre effective immediately. Please CALL AHEAD to 613-259-2182 to speak with a staff member prior to presenting to Urgent Care.

Do not present to the Centre if you have a new fever, new cough and new breathing difficulties. Call North Lanark Community Health Centre at 613-259-2182, Leeds Grenville Lanark District Health Unit 1-800-660- or Telehealth at 1-866-797-0000 for further direction.


Client letter IMPORTANT Mar 16 2020

Dear Client(s):

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we will be making temporary changes in the way we deliver your care. Our goal is to minimize potential exposure to as many as possible while freeing up resources to attend to those who require urgent care.

As of Monday March 16, 2020 we will no longer be booking routine appointments. If you have a booked appointment, we will be calling you to postpone it or amend this appointment.

Examples of routine appointments include:
Periodic health visits, annual physicals, PAP tests and clinics, Well Baby Checkups (where an immunization is NOT required), blood work, chiropody and foot care appointments, lung health appointments, weight management appointments and memory care clinic.

Additionally we will be reviewing our schedules. Those that can be accomplished safely by phone or virtual visit (information to follow) will be booked as such. Those visits that are of a more urgent nature and require an in-person visit, will still be offered this option.

All group visits will be postponed until further notice.
Examples of Group visits:
medical visits for diabetes, memory care clinics, COPD group education and all community group programs.

In order to help reduce the spread of the virus- we ask for your help. If you have respiratory symptoms, cough fever, difficulty breathing we ask that you stay home and call our office or public health:
Lanark Leeds Grenville Public Health Unit: 1-800-660-5853
Renfrew County and District Public Health Unit: 613-735-8654 x577

If you are running out of medication please ask the pharmacy to fax the renewal request to the community health centre.

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Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate this. These changes will be regularly assessed and are in place until further notice.


John Jordan, Executive Director
Lanark Renfrew Health & Community Services




If you fall into any of these groups , PLEASE DO NOT COME INTO THE CLINIC

  1.  If you have travelled outside of Canada; and have a fever, cough or shortness of breath.
  2. If you have had close personal contact with a known or suspected case of coronavirus;

Please contact Lanark Leeds Grenville Public Health Unit at 613-345-5685 or telehealth for more information at 1-866-797-000 or North Lanark Community Health Centre at 613-259-2182


A note to our clients and community members

COVID- 19 Preparations North Lanark Community Health Centre

COVID -19 has been front and centre of the news for weeks.  We have been preparing for COVID-19 at the North Lanark Community Health Centre (NLCHC)   Our goal is to ensure two things:
1. That clients get the care that they need while at the same time,
2. We protect the health of our staff and other clients receiving care.

What you should expect:

You should expect that when you call NLCHC and ask for an appointment you will be asked about your travel history and if you  have a fever, cough or shortness of breath. If you are at risk of COVID 19 because of travel or contacts with someone who has COVID 19, you may be offered a phone appointment or offered a phone call back.  If your symptoms are mild, we may ask you to stay put at home and self isolate and call public health.  If your symptoms are serious, we will call ahead to the ER and ask you to go there for assessment.

You will be asked the same questions about your symptoms and your travel risk when you register at the front desk and again with any contact with staff.


What we expect of you:

CALL AHEAD!  Please do not just come to the clinic or hospital if you think you are at risk of COVID 19 - call ahead so that we can ensure that we have time to prepare a safe space for you that protects others as well.

We expect you  hand wash or hand sanitize when you come to the centre (Enough time to sing the alphabet song, or Happy Birthday!)  

If you have fever or a cough, we expect you to put on a mask when you come into the centre and LEAVE IT ON FULLY COVERING YOUR MOUTH AND NOSE UNTIL YOU ARE ASKED TO REMOVE IT.  Do not take it off when you are in the exam room!  

We will be working hard to try to protect our staff so that they are able to continue to care for the community - your friends, your neighbours, your family. Please help us to do that by being patient with the screening questions, answering honestly and following instructions.

Ontario Enhanced Public Health Measures: Statement from Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health

Ontario Enhanced Public Health Measures for COVID-19 2020-03-12

How to self-monitor: COVID_Self-Monitor_Fact_Sheet_EN

For more information on Covid-19

Lanark Leeds Grenville Public Health:

Ontario : Public Health:

Public Health Agency of Canada:


Welcome to the North Lanark Community Health Centre (NLCHC). We invite you to explore the content on our site to learn more about our organization and the services we provide within our community.

The North Lanark Community Health Centre (CHC) has been a part of the community of north Lanark since our doors opened over 25 years ago. At our CHC, the health and well-being of every individual, every family, and every community matters!

While some people may think of us as a “doctor’s office”, the last three words in our name “North Lanark Community Health Centre” provide a much better description of who we are. Our staff - which includes family doctors, nurse practitioners and nurses – also includes a dietitian, social worker, respiratory therapist, chiropodist, health promoter and community developer. Together, we provide a wide range of primary care and health promotion programs and services to area residents.

Our primary care practitioners work together to provide the best possible care to people across their life-span…from pregnant women and young families, to seniors and others needing access to palliative care. In all our work, we try to reduce the barriers rural people have in accessing quality primary care. Our telemedicine program helps people access a variety of specialists through videoconferencing – reducing the travel time, cost and stress associated with seeking specialist care in Ottawa or Kingston. 

Our health promotion programs promote health and wellness and serve to prevent or reduce illness and disease. These programs are aimed at addressing the broader health needs of the people and community we serve. Our programs include: exercise and falls prevention classes for older adults and seniors, cooking groups for men and budget-conscious families, information, support and skills training for people with chronic health conditions, and programs to help people learn ho to manage powerful emotions or to reduce stress through mindfullness practices. All our programs are free and all members of the community are welcome!

At the North Lanark CHC, much of the work we do in the community is accomplished through active partnerships with others. The high level of involvement and commitment from the local community – from volunteers, local government, schools, community-based organizations, and other health and social service providers – is what enables us to offer such a wide range of programs and services to the community. In partnership with the Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit, a part-time dentist and hygienist provide a range of dental care services to people who would normally not have access to such care, in the dental suite at the Health Centre.

Please view our Latest News page for news bulletins as well as our current newsletter.